Effective 1 July 2015
Hearne Software no longer distributes AccuRate Sustainability.

The new AccuRate distributor is Energy Inspection. Please click the image below to visit their website and access resources, purchase certificate credits, obtain support and more.

Energy Inspection Logo

Click here to visit Energy Inspection


Earlier this year, we notified CSIRO of our intention to not continue as the distributor for AccuRate. Hearne has seen considerable growth and expansion in the last few years and as a result AccuRate represented a smaller component of the Hearne business, and one which was increasingly non-core to us. We needed to focus on current and future projects and it was our view that CSIRO and AccuRate assessors would be better served by a distributor wholly focused on residential building energy efficiency. Therefore Energy Inspection Pty Ltd now has an agreement with CSIRO to distribute AccuRate.

Energy Inspection Pty Ltd

Energy Inspection Pty Ltd has been established for the specific purpose of supporting and strengthening the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). A key objective of Energy Inspection is to provide assessors and other users with improved versions of NatHERS-based software over time, including the following:

  1.      Forecasting the energy bill and carbon footprint associated with new building designs.
  2.      Measuring the energy uses and sources, and carbon footprint, of existing dwellings.

Energy Inspection has a close association with CSIRO and will be working with Dong Chen and the AccuRate/Chenath team to ensure that the distribution handover process causes minimal disruption to AccuRate users.

Existing License Holders

All license renewals will now be handled by Energy Inspection. Current license holders will be contacted by Energy Inspection directly for license renewals and updates regarding AccuRate.
Your certificate credit balance and HStar portal login details will not be affected by the changeover.

Purchasing of Certificate credits

From 1.00am July 1, 2015 certificate coupons are only available for purchase from Energy Inspection.

Support/Licensing Enquiries

Requests for software support or licensing should be directed to Energy Inspection directly: admin@energyinspection.com.au.

Any enquiries which are sent to Hearne after the changeover date will be forwarded to Energy Inspection for their attention.