PUMP-FLO Software Box

PUMP-FLO is the perfect tool to select, evaluate, and analyse centrifugal pumps using manufacturers' supplied electronic pump catalogs. Proper pump selection is one of the most important tasks when designing a piping system.

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The short video shows you all the new features and new functionality you can't get anywhere else.


With PUMP-FLO you can be sure that the desired pump meets your system's requirements for optimum efficiency, minimising maintenance and pumping costs.


  • Life Cycle Cost calculation/analysis - powerful new functionality allowing you to determine the total cost of providing, running, maintaining, and disposing of the pump. Calculation includes the pumps estimated energy cost, life cycle cost (initial, annual, and decommissioning), and the total present value costs.

  • New smoother graphing routines for higher quality curves and printed reports.

  • Range charts – making it easier to identify which pumps meet your system design point.

  • Multi-language support.

  • Streamlined dashboard interface for ease of use and time savings.

  • Support for alternate pipe size units in total head calculator.

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