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Hearne Software is IBM's official SPSS student software partner, with free live chat & phone support 24 hours on weekdays & extended hours on weekends. Buy SPSS Grad Pack for Mac and Windows students for the cheapest price on the web.

SPSS Grad Pack for Mac and Windows students come in Base, Standard and Premium editions each with different features, please confirm with your course coordinator the edition you need because once emailed SPSS Grad Pack codes are not refundable and cannot be upgraded. After purchasing, please wait 10 mins for our emails to arrive with download instructions (we send you 2 emails).

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The best customer service I have ever had. Thank you.

- Millie

Student, USA

Fast, knowledgeable service and friendly, too. Thank you.

- Heather

Valparaiso USA

Olivier was extremely helpful and tried everything to fix my problem and didn't stop until it was solved i really appreciate this.. thanks again

- Adriana

Student, Melbourne Australia

Last time I had to install this program, something did not work. The agent got it up and running. This time, I had no issues, gave me a few tips and everything worked. Awesome customer service

- Alan

Student, Lakeville USA

After spending 30 minutes trying to work my way through IBM/SPSS support, I can't express how grateful and pleased I am by Penny's quick, knowledgeable, and courteous help.

- Daniel

Student, Santa Barbara USA

Great service. Will definitely be back.

- Aleisha

Student, Melbourne Australia

Kaushik was very efficient, knowledgeable and friendly!

- Anika

Student, Australia

Keith and Penny had a great deal of patience with troubleshooting an issue I was having. Their knowledge and superb customer skills made what may have been frustrating issue a breeze! Thank you!

- Anonymous

Cobourg, Canada

It's great knowing I can ask a question and you guys respond so quickly. thank you.

- Ester

Studnet, Apple Valley USA

Great customer service!

- April

Student, Minneapolis USA

Very responsive and patient.. well done!

- Jay

Student, Singapore

Thanks Chris! You are a life saver!

- Alex

Student, USA

Keith responded quickly, answered my question, and got an issue resolved. Very helpful!

- Ashley

Student, San Diego USA

Great customer service!

- John

Student, USA

Thank you so much to your staff for all the assistance to sort out everything 10/10

- Clare


Thank you Penny for going above and beyond to help with my issues today. Great customer service and very knowledgeable

- Genevieve

Student, Melbourne Australia

Problem solved quickly and easily - Thank you

- Fallon

Student, New York USA

Always a pleasure dealing with Hearne Software.

- Dale

Student, Sydney Australia

AMAZING!! I love you guys! After 2h trying to call IBM and being forwarded to 5 different departments, the person on the chat was able to help me straight away.

- Karen

Student, United Kingdom

Love the chat feature :-)

- Darren

Student, Melbourne Australia

Very quick, polite and responsive. Thank you!

- Emma

Student, Australia

The feedback and assistance was given immediately. I appreciate this service being available on a Sunday.

- Francis

Student, USA

Always ready to help and solve any issues

- Greg

Student, Melbourne Australia

Thank you for the quick response and resolution

- Allan

Student, USA

Fast, easy & efficient

- Isabel

Student, Netherlands

Got all the information needed to make a purchase decision, thanks.

- Jeremy


I can't believe I could actually get someone at 10pm and have it resolved right away. Awesome service!

- Iskandaria 

Student, USA

Very helpful, I appreciate it.

- George

Student, USA

Quick, focused, up to the point. Resolved a difficult issue very quickly. Penny was great! Thank you!

- Iwona Lech

Student, Melbourne Australia

Great customer service, all my questions were answered very quickly.

- James

Student, Brooklyn USA

Great help and quick support. Many thanks!

- Ali

Student, Australia

Resolved my issue thoroughly and efficiently in a timely manner. Knew exactly what my problem was from first decription and acted accordingly.

- Jasmine

Student, Gainesville USA

It has been a real pleasure working with Hearne to obtain SPSS. I highly recommend them as IBM customer service is non existent for students.

- John

Student, USA

FANTASTIC PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. Used this help for the first time yesterday before purchasing and now purchased. Help was great. Thank you Olivier.

- Karren-Lee

Student, Australia

Very useful and much easier than calling a phone number.

- Melisa

Brisbane, Australia

Keith is a gem! Rarely get online help this wonderful. Usually I'm talking to a computer when seeking online help but you guys have real REAL LIVE people!!! Who would've thought!? Thanks again.

- Kat

Student, Perth Australia

Penny was really helpful, much appreciated.

- Sarah

Student, Melbourne Australia

Very helpful, especially since I am not good with computers. Got my problem figured out with ease. Thank you!

- Kelli

Student, Kansas City USA

This was a great service. I now know what I need to do. Much appreciated!

- Nicole

Astoria USA

Thanks for the excellent customer service.

- Kevin

Student, USA

Great service - thanks

- Kristy

Student, Australia

I am writing because I think it is very important for management to know that these two people (Keith & Penny) who for me are the face and representatives of Hearne, were patient, respectful, determined and exceptionally professional and highly deserve a pat on the back for not giving up on my issues and finding resolution to my problems.

- Lindi

Quebec, Canada

Excellent Assistance

- Jesse

Student, Laredo USA

I'll just add, I've been really impressed with the customer service and ease of access since I first purchased my licence. It's appreciated!

- Charis

Calgary, Canada

I just want to say THANKS to Penny who helped me on a chat session yesterday.  I had been trying to install IBM SPSS for 3 days and you were vendor #5.  Nothing was working (a windows 10 issue I think).  Penny helped me so much and gave me encouragement, guidance and some tips to help. The youtube video was great too.  It's nice to find a vendor that has actual customer service.  Bravo!!

- Linda

Clearwater, FL, USA

Responded immediately and with certainty with regard to answering my question. Brilliant!!! :)

- Lisa


Very helpful and fixed my issues with ease.

- Scott

Student, USA

Service was great!!!

- Marilyn

Student, Leesville USA

Penny rocked!!!! :)

- Max

Student, USA

I recently had difficultly installing SPSS on my computer due to a problem with my employers firewall. I dealt with Winnie and then Chris over chat and phone. In the face of my frustration I found both incredibly professional, patient and competent. Your support team is a pleasure to deal with and should be commended. Thank you

- Sarah

Student, Melbourne Australia

Really helpful, responsive support. A very impressed with the service

- Mike

Student, United Kingdom

Immediate assistance, a pleasure to deal with =)

- Naomi

Student, Perth Australia

Answered my questions promptly with good knowledge provided

- Neil

Student, Sydney Australia

Problem solved immediately

- Trent

Brisbane, Australia

Lavanya was a great help! She helped resolved my issue quickly, and was very responsive.

- Nicole

Student, Brooklyn USA

Penny is a phenomenal customer oriented professional!!!!!!!!!!! I will send everyone I know to Hearne software because of my ultra positive experience with Penny!!!

- Ray

Student, USA

Thanks for all your help!

- Micah

Student, Philippines


- Rod

Student, USA

Great service!

- Sam

Student, USA

I always get great customer service from Hearne!

- Max

Student, Sydney Australia

Thanks for the wonderful service and for going out of the way to help.

- Sandhya


Thanks for the quick help and speedy replies!

- Molly

Student, Canada

Thanks for the excellent service over the years. If only other companies were as well run as yours, life would be a lot easier.

- Steve

Fantastic experience with Hearne To whom it may concern, I just wanted to express my gratitude at the fantastic customer service I have received at Hearne. I have been trying to purchase an SPSS grad pack after my last one expired, using a discount code. Through my own fault the payment was declined last evening and my code became invalid. I messaged Hearne soon after and by the time I woke up this morning a replacement code had been sent to me by Kelly. I was thinking I would just forgo the discount if I didn't hear back but Hearne surpassed my expectations. Then when I came to the website to re-purchase my SPSS grad pack, I was asked by Glen if I needed any help on the chat function, which was lovely. My purchase was successful and I received a very kind email from your team encouraging me to contact you for any assistance. I just think it is really impressive customer service - thanks

- Louisa

Monash Uni Student

Just wanted to say it all worked, everything loaded the first time - perfect!

- Rebecca K

PhD Student

I wanted to thank Keith for helping me figure out that the company I bought my SPSS package from didn't deliver the correct package. He was so friendly, got right to the issue, and solved it for me right away. My Masters thesis is now back on track thanks to him and I will be buying from your company next!

- Marie

Masters Student

I had a lot of difficulty with the installation of SPSS and found IBM difficult to get help from. I contacted Hearne and they responded in a timely fashion several times and were able to get the program running.

- Michael

The University of Sydney Student

Great customer service

- Sue

Student, New Zealand

Fantastic service. I was feeling very stressed and Kaushik was very calm and helpful and knew exactly what to do. Many thanks :)

- Vicki

Melbourne, Student

I was using the IBM SPSS software trial package to work on my Masters Dissertation.  The trial ran out and I was beside myself as all my data, charts, and analysis was locked away.  Thanks to Hearne Sofware and specifically Kaushik, I was able to purchase the same version.  I had trouble loading the license key and they were able to help with that too.  I wish I had bought the version of SPSS software from Hearne in the beginning.  It is a good price and the amount of time and effort you put into the analysis is really worth the price and piece of mind.  A very professional organization, I highly recommend this to anyone trying to complete their masters.

- Victoria

Masters Student

Here at Swinburne Online we aim to make our students online study experience as simple as possible and we aim to work with suppliers who share our commitment to supporting our students every step of the way.  Hearne have provided Swinburne Online students with outstanding customer service and support in their purchase and use of SPSS software where the previous supplier could not.  Thanks Hearne – from Swinburne Online students and student support staff.

- Rebecca N

Swinburne Online

Very helpful, Thanks again :)

- Walter

Student, Australia

I very much appreciate the patience, persistence, and eagerness that the technicians Keith and Penny had in helping me resolve my issue with not being able to install v23 of SPSS purchased. They were very attentive and knowledgeable, and helped me greatly to successfully get the software downloaded. Thanks!

- Zita T

Hattiesburg, MS, USA


- Zoe

Student, Australia

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