I have installed the SPSS software and now it wants to load again!


Once you have completed the installation process, the program will be added to your programs folder. You must start the SPSS program by locating it within your Application folder (Mac OSX) or your Programs folder (Windows). You cannot start SPSS by running the installer you downloaded. The installer only serves to place the program on your hard drive.

Here’s how to locate the SPSS program once it is installed:

Mac Users

  • Open Finder

  • Go to Applications

  • Go to IBM > SPSS > Statistics > 22/23

  • Double click on the application 

Mac Screenshot
Windows 7 or lower

  • Open the Start menu and choose ‘All Programs’

  • Open the folder called IBM SPSS Statistics

  • Click on IBM SPSS Statistics 22/23 to start the program

Windows Screenshot

Windows 8

  • Open the Start menu (find the Start icon by moving the mouse cursor to the top right hand corner of the screen then clicking on the Window icon that appears)

    Windows 8 Side Menu Screenshot

  • Then click the down arrow icon to go to ‘Apps’

    Windows 8 Start Menu Screenshot

  • All the Microsoft native apps are first, so scroll across to the right where all the proprietary software is located. SPSS is listed under “I” for IBM SPSS Statistics

    Windows 8 Start Menu Screenshot

  • Click on SPSS Statistics 22/23 to start the program