When to do this?

It may be necessary to update your copy of SPSS with an authorization code if:

- your license expires and you have purchased a new Grad Pack for the same version (eg v26)

- you need to ‘upgrade’ for example from SPSS Base v26 to SPSS Standard v26

- the authorization code wasn’t entered during initial installation
- updates to your computer require the authorization code to be entered again

How to do it:

1. Check that your authorization code is for the same version of SPSS as you have installed. For example, if your authorization code is for SPSS Statistics 26, you need to have SPSS 26 installed. It doesn’t matter whether you have previously had Base, Standard or Premium, but the version number needs to be the same.


2. Open Finder on your Mac. Finder is located among the program icons in your dock. It has the following icon:

New Authorization Code Mac

3. In Finder, open the Applications Folder, and locate the IBM folder within it

New Authorization Code Mac 2

4. In the IBM folder, go to SPSS > Statistics > 26 (or the relevant version number if not 26). Locate the IBM SPSS License Authorization Wizard

New Authorization Code Mac 3

5. Double click the the SPSS License Authorization Wizard to open it. It may come up with your existing license information. Sometimes, it may say “No Licenses Found”. Just press ‘Next’

New Authorization Code Mac 4

6. Choose “Authorized User License” and press “Next”

New Authorization Code Mac 5

7. Enter your authorization code and press ‘Next’

New Authorization Code Mac 6

8. Check that you get the message “Successfully processed all codes”, and then press ‘Next’ 

New Authorization Code Mac 7

9. Press ‘Finish’ to close the License Authorization Wizard, then open SPSS Statistics.