Which SPSS Grad Pack should I buy?


At a very high level…

SPSS Statistics Base is useful for learning basic statistics. If non-linear regression, MANOVA or other more advanced functions are required students should purchase SPSS Standard at a minimum. Students who need to perform missing values analysis or categories will require SPSS Premium.

Amos is required to perform structural equation modelling.

If you are unsure we recommend checking with your university or college, or if you don’t know which Statistics functions you need, purchase SPSS Statistics Premium which contains all the stats modules.

The table below is a basic guide to the modules in each Grad Pack. For more detail on the specific functionality use the below links


Base Grad Pack


Standard Grad Pack 


Premium Grad Pack


Amos Grad Pack


SPSS Statistics & Amos

Modules Grad Pack
Grad Pack
Grad Pack
Grad Pack
Core functionality x x x  
IBM SPSS Statistics Base x x x  
IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics   x x  
IBM SPSS Regression   x x  
IBM SPSS Custom Tables     x  
IBM SPSS Categories     x  
IBM SPSS Forecasting     x  
IBM SPSS Missing Values     x  
IBM SPSS Decision Trees     x  
IBM SPSS Data Preparation     x  
IBM SPSS Neural Networks     x  
IBM SPSS Complex Samples     x  
IBM SPSS Conjoint     x  
IBM SPSS Exact Tests     x  
IBM SPSS Direct Marketing     x  
IBM SPSS Bootstrapping     x  
IBM SPSS Amos       x