• Does TALtech provide technical support?

    Yes. Not only is the software extremely easy to use, it also comes with unlimited FREE technical support by phone, fax and email, a clearly written manual and on-line help. To ensure your satisfaction all TAL software products are covered by a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

  • How can I connect serial devices to my Pocket PC?

    Most Pocket PC's are now shipped with a USB sync cable instead of a serial sync cable; however, almost all models still have built in RS232 serial ports. The trick to using the built in serial port on a Pocket PC is to get a Serial I/O cable that will connect to the particular model Pocket PC that you have. One company that sells serial I/O cables for Pocket PCs is Serialio.com They carry a full line of RS232 (serial) cables for most standard Pocket PC models and all cables have a standard 9 pin male connector so you do not need a null modem adapter or gender changer in order to connect most typical RS232 devices.


    For compatibility questions about your Pocket/Handheld PC with CE-Wedge, please feel free to contact Hearne for more information.