A comprehensive charting application for Windows and Macintosh.

Analyse, visualise and customise your numbers efficiently and with high quality output. DeltaGraph goes beyond the limits of everyday graphing software with an unrivaled selection of chart types and unprecedented formatting flexibility. You can make your work stand out and distribute your charts virtually anywhere.


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Deltagraph 7


Deltagraph 7

3D ColumnDeltaGraph for Macintosh and Windows combines powerful statistical tools with stunning data visualization capabilities to give your data audience appeal. With its unrivaled selection of over 80 chart types and easy customization capabilities you will find DeltaGraph the most comprehensive charting application available. DeltaGraph makes the process of producing first quality, ready-for-publication charts & graphs as easy as collecting your data, choosing the best chart type, customizing that chart, and exporting your charts in any of a number of image formats.

Start with data

DeltaGraph gives you several options to set up your data:

  • Import data from text files in either CSV or tab delimited format.

  • Import directly from Excel files and even maintain a link to the Exel file so that when the data is changed, the charts using that data will be updated.

  • Of course, you can always simply copy data from another spreadsheet and paste it directly into the DeltaGraph data sheet.

Analyze the data

DeltaGaph provides 25 built in mathematical functions as well as a formula editor which allows you to add your own functions. These functions can then be applied to columns of data.

Pick the best chart for the data

Not sure which of DeltaGraph's numerous charts will work best with your data? The Chart Advisor for Macintosh or Chart Wizard for Windows can help. Each will analyze the data and suggest charts to use.

Customize your charts

This is where DeltaGraph really shines...

  • Change the data axis from linear to logrithmic

  • Set the major and minor axis tics

  • Turn one or more of the data series into an overlay with its own value scale

  • Add axis labels

  • Change the size, color and style of the data symbols or lines

  • Show a legend

  • Add an overlay plot with a secondary value axis

The possibilites are almost endless.

Use Drawing Tools to add visual interest

DeltaGraph's full set of drawing tools allows you to...

  • Edit backgrounds to add color and texture

  • Fill a chart frame with an image

  • Change line color, size, and style

There almost isn't anything that can't be drawn with these tools - in fact, DeltaGraph works pretty well as simple drawing application!

Describe or annotate using the Text Tool

Add text to any canvas in any available font. Set the text size, style, color. Rotate the text to any angle. Combine text with the drawing tools to call out specific chart features by adding arrows or ovals.

Fit a curve to your data

Choose from several built in curve fits like polynomial or spline fits or use the editor to create your own custom function.

Display Error Bars

Show top, bottom, left, or right error bars based on a percentage, a standard deviation, a fixed value, or the value of a cell in the data sheet. DeltaGraph can handle it all.

Export Images in just the right format

DeltaGraph gives you complete control over image exports.  Export a single chart, a group of charts, or an entire canvas in one of many formats.

  • Raster formats: PNG, BMP, JPG, and TIF at up to 1200 ppi

  • Vector formats: EPS, PDF, EMF/WMF (Windows only)

Create Template Libraries to recreate the same chart again & again!

Need to make the same chart several times but with different data sets? DeltaGraph's Chart Library tool makes it easy. Create the chart you want and customize it to fit your specific needs. Then create a chart library and add the chart. When you need to use that chart again, simply drag it out of the library and add data!