• How do I read a DAISY file?

    To read a DAISY file (called a DAISY Book) produced by MathDaisy and Save As DAISY, you need a MathPlayer-enabled DAISY player for the best reading experience.

  • What is MathDaisy?

    MathDaisy works with Microsoft Word, Microsoft's Save As DAISY add-in, and MathType. As you might guess from its name, Save As DAISY adds a "Save As DAISY" menu item to Word's File menu. This command saves the document as a DAISY Digital Talking Book ready to be used in an eBook reader. MathDaisy enhances the Word-to-DAISY conversion process, converting the equations in the document to MathML as required by the DAISY format.

  • Where do I get a DAISY player that displays math?

    For the best reading experience, you need a MathPlayer-enabled DAISY player. This is a software application running on either a personal computer or dedicated ebook reader that reads a DAISY file (DAISY Book) and presents the content to the user. It needs to be MathPlayer-enabled in order to read the math with the greatest amount of functionality and control.