• Do you offer site licenses?

    Yes, we have site licenses for K-12 schools, university departments, university campuses, corporations and government organisations. Contact us for details on how to purchase a site license.

  • How do I type a space into an equation? Why does it beep when I hit the spacebar?

    MathType automatically applies spacing as you type according the rules of mathematical typesetting. This involves 6 different space widths, none of which is the width of a normal space. Since people are so used to hitting the spacebar while typing, we disable it when math is being entered. However, MathType also has a Text mode which allows you to type in a plain English phrase or sentence in the middle of an equation. And, of course, the spacebar works in Text mode.

  • What applications are compatible with MathType?

    MathType works with virtually all popular word processors, presentation programs, page layout programs, graphing products and many others — basically any application that supports Insert Object, cut/copy/paste, drag-and-drop, insertion of image files or translations to/from MathML, TeX or LaTeX.

  • Will others who don't use MathType be able to read my equations?

    Windows users need to download and install the MathType fonts available free on our web site. Alternatively, both Mac and Windows users can download our free MathType 30-day trial which will install the fonts and work as a better Equation Editor even when the 30 days are up.