• How can I move licenses between machines?

    Licenses are actively monitored and will only  work for the number of installations set when the license authorisation code is generated. Please contact us with your authorisation code and we can reset it. We require written confirmation that SPSS has been removed from the existing machine.

  • How do I activate additional Modules?

    If you purchase an additional module you will be provided with a new license authorisation code that will activate the new module. There is no additional software to install you just need to rerun the license authorisation wizard.

  • How do I activate my SPSS Authorised user license?

    Go to your windows start button, select program files and scroll down to IBM SPSS Statistics, the license authorisation wizard is shown along with the SPSS application. Right click the license authorisation wizard and select ‘run as administrator’ the application will launch and provide you with option to activate a trial license or input your authorisation code. 

  • How do I manage an SPSS Network user license?

    Obtain a copy of the Network Administration Guide for details. Essentially the codes are managed by Sentinel license manager – installed on a server.  All client computers can have SPSS installed and when they launch the SPSS application the server will be contacted to establish if there are licenses currently available.

  • What do I do if my license authorisation fails?

    The process requires unhindered internet access to complete. If the process fails first check that you have internet access.  It is also crucial that the code you are applying matches the version you are trying to license (i.e. V20 or V21 etc.). If they do match the issue may be that the required port to access the internet is blocked and you may need to contact us and provide us with the authorisation code and your lock code. We can then generate and send you back a full license code that you can input into the license authorisation wizard. 

  • What is a “Concurrent User” license?

    Also known as a Network or Simus license this type is available  for use by many people- one person at a time can use each Concurrent license. The licensing is managed on a network server and individual computers which can ‘see’ that server can access the licence. 

  • What is a lock code?

    This is a code that is specific to your computer and this is used in conjunction with the authorisation code to generate your unique license code that activated your SPSS license. The lock code is displayed when you run the license authorisation wizard

  • Where do I find the SPSS installation files?

    Once you purchase an SPSS license or upgrade to a new version we will send you a document that provides a link from where you can download the application. The download will automatically ask you if you wish to install SPSS. If you are using a university license you may need to ask your IT department for this link. Alternatively you can find a downloadable copy on the IBM website (google IBM SPSS trial download) this will require you register as a user on the IBM website.