Make short work out of accurately categorising your open-ended survey responses by combining manual techniques with advanced linguistic processing technologies. 


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SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys v4.1


SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys v4.1

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys software lets you transform unstructured survey text into quantitative data and gain insight using sentiment analysis. The solution uses natural language processing (NLP) technologies specifically designed for survey text.

SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys categorizes responses and integrates results with other survey data for better insight and statistical analysis.

  • Automates the categorization process to eliminate the time and expense of manual coding.

  • Uses linguistics-based technologies to reduce the ambiguities of human language, helping you uncover patterns in the attitudes, beliefs and opinions of others.

Automates the categorization process

  • Create categories or use pre-built categories for customer, product and employee satisfaction surveys.

  • Quickly extract key concepts and opinions.

  • Use visualization capabilities to help you see which categories share responses.

  • Export a summary bar chart to let others see your top categories, or export results for analysis and graphing.

  • Save time and make results more consistent by reusing categories in ongoing or similar surveys.

  • Enhance productivity and insight using hierarchical category structures (categories that contain subcategories).

Uses linguistics-based technologies

  • Identify major themes and distinguish between positive and negative comments without having to read responses word for word.

  • Analyze text in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

  • Analyze content that has been translated into English from numerous other languages through SDL translation software.

  • Take advantage of 64-bit operating system support to enhance your productivity with large data files.