STATISTICA offers a comprehensive set of essential statistics in a user-friendly package with flexible output management and Web enablement features. It also includes a comprehensive Visual Basic development environment.


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Statistica 12


Statistica 12

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The STATISTICA desktop line of products is designed for deployment on a single workstation. STATISTICA spreadsheets, configurations, and macros are all stored on the user's local workstation as a stand-alone application. STATISTICA's desktop products are licensed very flexibly, allowing you to select from the list of STATISTICA's analytic capabilities to suit your needs.

STATISTICA includes not only general purpose statistical, graphical, and analytic data management procedures, but also comprehensive implementations of specialized methods for data analysis (e.g., data mining, business, social sciences, biomedical research, or engineering applications). All analytic tools offered in the STATISTICA line of software are available to you as part of an integrated package.

Explanation of Products


Offers a comprehensive set of essential statistics in a user-friendly package and all the performance, power, and ease of use of the STATISTICA technology. STATISTICA Base is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. It features all the graphics tools in STATISTICA and the following modules:

  • Descriptive Statistics, Breakdowns, and Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Correlations

  • Basic Statistics from Results Spreadsheets (Tables)

  • Interactive Probability Calculator

  • T-Tests (and other tests of group differences)

  • Frequency Tables, Crosstabulation Tables, Stub-and-Banner Tables, Multiple Response Analysis

  • Multiple Regression Methods

  • Nonparametric Statistics


  • Distribution Fitting


Includes the functionality of all of the following:


  • STATISTICA Multivariate Exploratory Techniques offers a broad selection of exploratory techniques, from cluster analysis to advanced classification trees methods, with a comprehensive array of interactive visualization tools for exploring relationships and patterns; built-in complete Visual Basic scripting.

    • Cluster Analysis Techniques

    • Factor Analysis and Principle Components

    • Canonical Correlation Analysis

    • Reliability/Item Analysis

    • Classification Trees

    • Correspondence Analysis

    • Multidimensional Scaling

    • Discriminant Analysis

    • General Discriminant Analysis Models

    • STATISTICA Visual Basic Language, and more.

  • STATISTICA Advanced Linear/Nonlinear Models contains a wide array of the most advanced linear and nonlinear modeling tools on the market, supports continuous and categorical predictors, interactions, hierarchical models; automatic model selection facilities; also, includes variance components, time series, and many other methods; all analyses include extensive, interactive graphical support and built-in complete Visual Basic scripting.

    • Distribution and Simulation

    • Variance Components and Mixed Model ANOVA/ANCOVA

    • Survival/Failure Time Analysis

    • Cox Proportional Hazard Models

    • General Nonlinear Estimation (and Logit/Probit)

    • Log-Linear Analysis

    • Time Series Analysis, Forecasting

    • Structural Equation Modeling/Path Analysis (SEPATH)

    • General Linear Models (GLM)

    • General Regression Models (GRM)

    • Generalized Linear/Nonlinear Models (GLZ)

    • Partial Least Squares (PLS)

    • STATISTICA Visual Basic Language, and more.

  • STATISTICA Power Analysis and Interval Estimation is an extremely precise and user-friendly research tool for analyzing all aspects of statistical power and sample size calculation.

    • Power Calculations

    • Sample Size Calculations

    • Interval Estimation

    • Probability Distribution Calculators, and more.