Design-Expert is a must for anyone wanting to improve a process or a product. With Design-Expert you can screen for vital factors, locate ideal process settings to achieve peak performance and discover your optimal product formulations.


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Design-Expert 13


Design-Expert 13

Use DX13, on Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, to optimize your product or process. It provides many powerful statistical tools, such as:
  •     Two-level factorial screening designs: Identify the vital factors that affect your process or product so that you can make breakthrough improvements.
  •     General factorial studies: Discover the best combination of categorical factors, such as source versus type of raw material supply.
  •     Response surface methods (RSM): Find the optimal process settings to achieve peak performance.
  •     Mixture design techniques: Discover the ideal recipe for your product formulation.
  •     Combinations of process factors, mixture components, and categorical factors: Mix your cake (with different ingredients) and bake it too!
  •     Design and analysis of split plots:  Make your experiment far easier by grouping hard-to-change process factors and/or mixture components
  •     Logistic Regression for analysis of binary data:  Is your process pass/fail? Are you measuring the presence or absence of something? You can now analyze those responses using logistic regression, so you can make predictions about the probability of an event at a given set of inputs.