Graphing, regression analysis, and statistical analysis all in one easy-to-use, affordable application.


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KaleidaGraph 5


KaleidaGraph 5

KaleidaGraph contains the comprehensive toolset you need to get your graphing and data analysis done quickly and easily. No costly bells and whistles that you never use. No complicated software that costs you valuable time and takes you away from your science. Just exceptional, accurate graphing and analysis at a remarkable price.

With KaleidaGraph 5, you will create your first professional-looking graph in minutes. In less that an hour, you will be prepared to fully explore your own data. The latest version of KaleidaGraph features significant axes improvements to provide researchers with a more effective tool for making their important data more visually representative on their graphs.

KaleidaGraph 4.5 new features are

Data Entry

  • Type data directly into the data window (including .xlsx files)

  • Open Excel files directly

  • Import tab, space, and comma delimited text files created in other applications

  • Read user specified data formats, including fixed/variable data widths and read/skip capability

Data Management

  • Up to 160 open data windows (containing up to 1000 columns by 1 million rows each)

  • Data formats: floating point, double precision, integer, data, time and text

  • Display date and time values in one of 18 formats

  • Perform multi-level sorts on the data

Plot Types

  • Line, scatter (x-y), double-x, double-y, double-xy, high/low, step, probability, x-y probability, histogram, box, percentile, horizontal bar, stack bar, column, stack column, polar, pie, summary column, double y bar, double y column, dot, floating bar, floating column, fill, and function (enter a formula)

  • Binned data can be exported to a histogram, step plot or spike plot

Plot Customization

  • Fully customize your plot's attributes (axis limits, label frequency, ticks, grids, color, font, style, legend, plot size, etc.)

  • Create customized color palettes

  • Display drop lines from the points to the X and/or Y axis.

  • Control the number of markers displayed, marker shapes (60 choices), size, fill color and frame color

Powerful Curve Fitting

  • Ability to tabulate curve fit results into a new data window.

  • Built-in fits include: Smooth Weighted, Cubic Spline, and Interpolate curve fits, as well as Least Squares Regressions (linear, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and power).

  • Includes a library of over 100 industry-specific formulas you can customize

  • Utilize a predefined fit or enter your own equation (up to 9 parameters)

Export / Import & Print

  • Mac version can be exported at a maximum of 1400 dpi; Windows supports a maximum of 800 dpi.

  • Export plots as Metafile, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PICT, PNG, and BMP files. EPS (Windows) and PDF (Macintosh) utilizing printer driver

  • Import metafile, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PICT, BMP and EPS files

  • Use the page layout feature to easily combine plots, text and graphics on a single page

Data Analysis & Manipulation


  • Parametric tests: one and two way ANOVA (with repeated measures), t-test

  • Nonparametric tests: Wilcoxon (Signed Rank, Matched Pairs, Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney), Kruskal-Wallis, and Friedman

  • Post Hoc tests: Tukey HSD, Bonferonni, Holm, Student-Newman-Keuls, Scheffe, Fisher's LSD and Dunnett

  • Descriptive statistics: min, max, sum, points, mean, median, RMS, std deviation, variance, std error, skewness, and kurtosis

Formula Entry

  • Select from over 100 menu items to create algebraic equations for data manipulations

  • Use scripts to automate the process of importing data, manipulating data, creating plots and exporting or printing plots

Macro calculator

  • Use conditional testing, boolean testing, subroutines, and nested loops

  • 1000 step RPN program capability


Drawing Tools

  • Add lines, arrows, boxes, ovals, arcs, polygons, and bezier curves to the plot

  • Choose from 11 different styles for lines and arrows

  • Copy, duplicate, group, align, and layer objects


Special Plot Features

  • User selectable error bars can be added with independent upper and lower error types. Error values can be calculated or specified in a data column.

  • Graphically mask data regions to temporarily eliminate data points. Numerical values of bars, columns, or pie slices can be placed automatically on the plot.

View the full list of new features of version 4.5 here.

Visualise your data

KaleidaGraph is used by scientists, researchers and engineers at top research centers worldwide.

Flexible Data Entry

Begin your analysis by either opening a data file or entering data using the keyboard. Excel files may be opened directly. Tab, space, and other delimited text files use a very flexible import facility.

Fast and Versatile Graphing Choices

Create plots quickly and easily using entire data columns or just a selection of your data. Data can be spread across multiple files and seamlessly integrated into one powerful graph to best explain your work.

Complete Control over Every Plot Option

To customize every detail of your plot, simply click directly on each plot element and make the logical choices to best illustrate your data. You can modify the axis limits, text labels, tick marks, legend, line thickness, marker shapes & sizes, and more.


When you create a graph you like, save it as a template so you can use it with repetitive data sets for a consistent presentation.

Analyse your findings

Powerful Data Analysis and Manipulation

Easy-to-use commands for analyzing your data include a variety of basic statistics, Student t-test, ANOVA, and Wilcoxon. Use the Formula entry window to manipulate your data using over 100 algebraic equations and statistical functions from convenient menus.

Error Bars

Add error bars to your plot where the error can be specified in a data column or can be calculated by KaleidaGraph.

Precise Curve Fitting

Apply a variety of curve fits to your plot. Nine generic fits are supplied, including Least Squares (Linear) Regression and Smoothing fits, plus a library of over 100 industry-specific formulas. Utilize one of these predefined fits or enter your own equation to fit your data. All fits are calculated with incredible speed and accuracy.

Communicate your results

Effortless Printing and Plot Export

Use KaleidaGraph’s page layout window to create multigraph presentations. Choose simple features that rearrange and resize your graphs. Then add text, colored backgrounds, and graphics as needed to achieve a professional result. Easily export graphs to PowerPoint, the web, or a favorite application using popular file formats.