We're Australia and New Zealand's largest Mathcad distributor.

Calculations are the heart of engineering information yet too many companies fail to properly solve, document, and share their engineering calculations. They lose invaluable intellectual property with every new project, resignation or retirement. Mathcad is the first and only engineering calculation solution that simultaneously performs and documents engineering calculations while dramatically reducing the risk of costly errors.  

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Mathcad Prime 10.0


Mathcad Prime 10.0

We're Australia’s and New Zealand's largest distributor of Mathcad.

Mathcad enables professionals worldwide to perform, document, manage and share calculation and design work. Mathcad's easy-to-use whiteboard interface combines live, natural mathematical notation, text and graphs into a single worksheet making Mathcad ideal for knowledge capture, calculation, sharing and reuse.  

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Mathcad Prime 9.0 is the latest release of Mathcad, the industry standard software for engineering calculations. 


New Features of Mathcad Prime 9.0

  • Symbolic Solving with Solve Block
  • Partial Differential Equation Solver
  • Symbolic Solving of Ordinary Differential Equationsn
  • Custom color pickerr
  • Go-to Page
  • Text Styles
  • Gradient Operator

Other key features

Intuitive Calculations and Units Management

The PTC Mathcad interface combines live, standard mathematical notation with text and graphs:

  • Integrated numeric and symbolic math allows you to see both the calculation as well as the reasoning behind designs

  • Automatic unit checking and conversion

  • Leverage hundreds of predefined units

  • Define custom units

Intuitive Calculations and Units Management Screenshot


  • Calculate using standard operators for algebra, calculus, logic, linear algebra, and more

  • Evaluate, solve & manipulate expressions symbolically

  • Support for various data types including:

    • Scalar, vectors and matrices
    • Complex numbers

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Content Protection

This provides area protection and locking so that you control the degree of access and the visibility you want others to have. Now you can show your work to a broader audience more effectively and without fear of compromising your IP.

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  • Integrate Microsoft® Excel® component to enable bidirectional data passing with PTC Mathcad worksheet content

  • Connect to external data files using read and write functions for various file formats including:

    • Text (.txt)

    • Excel (.xlsx, .xls, .csv)

    • Image (.bmp, .jpg)

  • Incorporate embedded content from external applications (OLE)

Interoperability Screenshot


  • Solvers for linear and nonlinear systems of algebraic and differential equations

  • Optimize constrained systems u sing the robust and powerful KNITRO® engine

  • Display symbolic solutions to systems of equations

Solving Screenshot 


  • Add logic using familiar programming operators and natural math notation

  • Loops (for, while)

  • Conditional statements (if, else if, else)

  • Error catching (try/on error)

  • Build recursive functions



Don’t “do it yourself”. Mathcad includes built-in functions for all these purposes and many more, independent of industry:

Functions Screenshot
  • Curve fitting and smoothing

  • Data analysis and statistics

  • Design of experiments

  • Signal and image processing

  • Fourier transform

  • Digital filtering

  • File Access


Data Visualization

Seeing is believing.

  • X Y plots scatter, line, column, bar, stem, waterfall, error, box, and effects

  • 3-D plots

  • Polar plots

  • Contour plots

Data Visualization Screenshot 1

Data Visualization Screenshot 2 

Mathcad 15 Features

Mathcad 15 Screenshot

Highlights of the enhancements in Mathcad 15.0 include:

  • Design of Experiments (DoE) – Over 25 new functions to reduce the time and expense of conducting experiments thru DoE by understanding the variable interactions that will influence the experiment. DoE helps identify critical factors and optimal settings for complex processes. It provides templates for a fewer number of experiments which are indispensable when having multiple variables and levels.

  • Integration to Knovel Math content – Quickly access the full list of Knovel’s fully documented Mathcad worksheets from Roark’s and Hick’s reference works reducing the time it takes to solve complex math problems.

  • Integration with Kornucopia software – Kornucopia by Bodie Technology, is designed to reduce time and effort spent on analysis by providing functions and templates using Mathcad-based documented workflows, that improves interpretations and value of experimental data and simulation results

  • Integration to Truenumbers – Truenumbers by True Engineering Technology enables the ability to easily communicate values across applications and the organization without loss of quantity or unit integrity. Results and values can be moved outside of Mathcad onto different document types – enabling easy sharing of the data

  • Support for Microsoft Excel 2007 – Leverage the following functions and features with Excel: READEXCEL(), WRITEEXCEL(), READFILE, the data import wizard, and the Excel Add-in

  • Windows 7 support

Computational Capabilities

Mathcad 15 Screenshot
  • High-end numerics - Perform summations, products, derivatives, integrals, and Boolean operations; apply trigonometric, exponential, hyperbolic, and other functions and transforms.

  • Live symbolics - Simplify, differentiate, integrate and transform expressions algebraically; Mathcad’s patented live symbolics technology automatically recalculates algebraic solutions and allows you to use them in subsequent calculations.

  • Vector and matrix handling - Manipulate arrays and performs various linear algebra operations, such as finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

  • Statistical and data analysis - Generate random numbers or histograms, fit data to built-in and general functions, interpolate data, and build probability distribution models.

  • Differential equation solving - Solve linear and non-linear systems of equations and boundary value problems; use solve blocks and natural notation to specify sets of constraints.

  • Design of Experiments functions - Over 25 new DoE functions can be used for constructing experimental design matrices, developing statistical models, and performing Monte Carlo simulations.

  • Units support - Include units in calculations, perform unit conversions,and automatically check dimensions. Add domain-specific units.Convert results to any unit system or custom values. Currency units effectively document engineering cost and economic evaluations.

Key Benefits of Using Mathcad

  • Calculate, model and visualize your technical ideas while reducing errors

  • Document your calculations using unit-aware math notation

  • Graph and plot your work instantly with built-in 2D and 3D graphing tools

  • Update interactive designs for instant results

  • Verify, visualize and annotate your solutions for all engineering disciplines

  • Integrate your data across applications and systems

  • Publish your results using a wide variety of output formats

  • Reduce errors in your work with automatic unit checking

  • Set your own default unit system and create your own units

  • Automate your operations with templates and style sheets

  • Import and export data easily

  • Design of Experiments (DoE) - Reduce the time and expense of conducting experiments through DoE by understanding the variable interactions that will influence the experiment. DoE helps identify critical factors and optimal settings for a complex process. It provides templates for fewer, yet more intelligent experiments which are indispensable when having multiple variables and levels.

  • Direct access to trusted Roarks and Hicks reference works on Mathcad worksheets by Knovel®

  • Direct access to Truenumbers enables you to communicate values across applications, without loss of quantity or unit integrity

  • Integrate with Pro/ENGINEER® to realize unique predictive engineering capabilities

  • Integrate with Windchill PDMLink® and Windchill ProductPoint® to quickly and securely share and access knowledge contained in Mathcad worksheets


Mathcad 15 Screenshot

Math editing

  • Write equations using standard math notation

  • Simple equation editor – intuitive and natural entry

  • Ribbon and / or keyboard entry

  • Use standard operators for algebra, calculus, logic, linear algebra and more


  • Numeric evaluation

  • Symbolic evaluation, operations, and solving

  • Automatic update of results

  • Single or multithreaded calculation

  • Support for real and complex numbers

Document creation and editing

  • Document-centric, WYSIWYG approach

  • Text boxes, blocks, images, tables, plots and equations combined in a single document

  • Engineering paper-like grid for easy alignment of text and equations

  • Collapsible areas to organize and streamline the document presentation

  • WYSIWYG editing of headers and footers

  • Find/replace in text and equations

  • Toggle between page and draft views

  • Save document as XPS and PDF


  • Comprehensive unit support throughout all numeric and symbolic calculations, functions, solve blocks, tables, vectors / matrices, and plots

  • Automatic unit checking and conversion

  • Automatic unit reduction and highlighting

  • Hundreds of predefined units and ability to easily create more

  • Support for SI, USGS, and CGS unit systems


  • Hundreds of functions covering wide range of general and special applications

  • General purpose basic and advanced functions -- Trigonometric, hyperbolic, log, exponential, Bessel, Fourier transforms, number theory piecewise continuous, and calculus functions

  • Probability and Statistics -- Probability density, probability distribution, statistics and random number functions

  • Curve fitting, smoothing, interpolation and prediction

  • Design of Experiments (DoE) functions -- Design matrices, factor screening, ANOVA, Monte Carlo simulation

  • Other special applications -- Signal processing -- Image processing -- Finance -- Wavelet

Plotting and graphing

  • XY plots: scatter, line, column, bar, stem, waterfall, error, box, effects

  • 3-D plots: scatter, surface, curve

  • Polar plots

  • Contour plots


  • Multiple advanced solvers for linear and nonlinear systems of algebraic and differential equations

  • Higher-level descriptive math in an easy to read textbook-like solve block format

  • State-of-the-art algorithms for nonlinear optimization using the robust and powerful KNITRO® engine

  • Support for parameterized modeling, enabling solutions to nested complex problems with seamless plot integration

  • Ability to incorporate symbolic results into numerical functions

Vectors and matrices

  • Linear algebra operators and functions

  • Automatic, element-wise application for many functions and operators

  • Easy and intuitive editing


  • Embedded Microsoft® Excel® component allows bidirectional integration with Mathcad worksheet content

  • Spec tables for defining parameters and constants

  • Read and write function supporting a variety of data formats (text, Excel, binary, image etc.)

  • Specialized data analysis and data manipulation functions


  • Use familiar programming operators (for-loop, while-loop, if-then-else, etc.) to define functions of any complexity

  • Seamless integration of equations within programs

User interface

  • Task-oriented ribbon-based user interface (Microsoft Office Fluent UI)

  • Extensive tooltips for all available functionality

Integration and interoperability

  • PTC Creo® Parametric®

  • PTC Windchill 10.0

  • Open PTC Mathcad Prime 1.0 and 2.0 worksheets

  • Convert PTC Mathcad 7 through PTC Mathcad 15.0 using MCD, XMCD Converter

  • Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010

Resources, help and support

  • Integrated, context-sensitive help with live examples

  • Integrated access to the PTC LearningConnector

  • PTC standard and sustained maintenance support program

  • PTC online community

  • Integrated license acquisition and management


  • 64-bit or 32-bit versions available for Windows® XP (SP3), Windows Vista®, Windows 7

  • Available in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)


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Mathcad e-Learning Library


Mathcad e-Learning Library

The Mathcad e-Learning Library is a flexible way to get up to speed with Mathcad at a comfortable pace, allowing you to cover the material in any sequence, at your own pace, any time of the day.