STATGRAPHICS Centurion is designed for anyone who wishes to do serious data analysis without investing weeks learning how to use a statistical package. It contains over 160 statistical procedures, covering everything from summary statistics to design of experiments. Yet you don't need to be a statistician to use the program. Everything is completely menu-driven, and there are tools such as the StatWizard and StatAdvisor to help you use the program most effectively.


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Centurion XVII


Centurion XVII

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STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI.II is a powerful data analysis tool that combines a broad range of procedures with brilliant interactive graphics to provide an integrated analytical environment that can be applied in every aspect of business operations, from Six Sigma management protocols to quality control initiatives. It is designed with advanced statistical functionality, significant enough for use by the most seasoned statisticians, yet its incredibly intuitive interface provides simplicity sufficient to allow even a novice analyst to perform complex procedures. 

Six Reasons to Select STATGRAPHICS Centurion

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1. Time is money, especially when it's yours. With STATGRAPHICS intuitive interface and dynamic data handling, you'll cut your analysis time dramatically.

2. Statistics doesn't need to be a foreign language. The StatAdvisor interprets statistical output in clear, concise terms that won't leave you wondering about the significance of your results.

3. Most data don't come from a textbook. STATGRAPHICS was designed for use outside the classroom, where data aren't always normal, or independent, or free from outliers.

4. Graphs shouldn't be an afterthought. In STATGRAPHICS, graphs are an integral part of the analysis, used to provide insights that can't be gained from tabular displays.

5. Knowledge is power, but only when it's shared. The StatReporter makes it easy to copy results to other applications or to disseminate results in RTF or HTML format.

6. Achieving Six Sigma quality requires clarity of vision. Only STATGRAPHICS has the tools to translate data into knowledge and knowledge into a better bottom line. 

Version 16.2 Enhancements

Several features have been added to Version 16.2 of Statgraphics at the request of users.

These include:

  • Additional summary statistics

  • Additional operators for use in handling character data

  • Calculation of statistical tolerance limits for data from eight additional distributions: Cauchy, exponential, 2-parameter exponential, gamma, Laplace, largest extreme value, Pareto, and smallest extreme value. These are in addition to the normal, lognormal, Weibull, power normal, and nonparametric limits already in Version 16.1.

  • Display of confidence limits for percentiles on normal probability plots.

  • The ability to add passwords and user signatures to StatFolios

  • Automatic creation of an audit trail to record the date and time at which Statfolios are changed.

  • Support of the mouse wheel to implement zooming and font size changing on graphs 


Design of Experiments Wizard

The experimental Design section of STATGRAPHICS contains a new wizard that assists users in constructing and analyzing designed experiments. It guides the user through twelve important steps in the creation of the design:

  • Define responses

  • Define exp. factors

  • Select design

  • Select model

  • Select run

  • Evaluate design

  • Save experiment


  • Analyze data

  • Optimize responses

  • Save results

  • Augment design

  • Extrapolate


Do you get tired of doing the same thing over and over again? With StatFolios, you won't have to. You can save your analyses to rerun them whenever you want. 

StatFolio Alerts


StatFolios may be set to automatically generate alerts whenever certain conditions occur. Message boxes, audio alarms, and automatic email notification are available options.


If you’re not a professional statistician, you’ll love the StatAdvisor. Whenever statistical results are displayed, the StatAdvisor will craft a paragraph or two interpreting the results. If you like, you can copy and paste the interpretations directly into your reports. 

Interactive Exploration of Response Surface and Contour Plots


Response surface and contour plots can be explored interactively. Sliders change the levels of the variables in the underlying statistical model, which is immediately reflected in the plot. Ascend and Descend buttons instruct the program to move in steps along the path of steepest ascent, which causes the surface or contour plot to change dynamically. 

Interactive 3D Rotation

When a 3D graph is maximized, scrollbars are now placed below and to the right of the graph. The scrollbar at the bottom allows the user to interactively rotate the graph left or right. The scrollbar at the right rotates the graph up or down. 


The StatWizard has been developed to assist you in selecting the proper analyses for your data. You begin by specifying the columns containing the data to be analyzed. The StatWizard then: 

  • Suggests analyses appropriate for that type of data. 

  • Offers to transform one or more of the variables. 

  • Helps you select a subset of the data if desired. 

  • Repeats the analyses for every level of a “BY” variable


ScreenshotThe StatGallery allows you to take graphics created in different procedures and arrange them side by side on a single page. You can also overlay two graphs on top of one another to create displays even our developers never dreamed of. 

Pan and Scroll 

A new icon has been added to the toolbar in the shape of a magnifying glass that allows users to zoom in on a graph and then scroll and pan. This is particularly helpful when displaying a large number of data points. 


When you need to do a common statistical analysis, SnapStats provide a quick way to produce a single page of preformatted output. Just enter the names of the columns with your data, click OK, and you’re done. 


When analyzing data, it is important to share your results with everyone involved in the decisionmaking process. The StatReporter is designed to assist you in creating presentation-quality reports within STATGRAPHICS Centurion. You can take any table or graph created in the program and paste it into the StatReporter with a simple click of the mouse. Better yet, you can paste link the output so that the reports will automatically update whenever the source data change.  



When you’re ready to disseminate your results throughout the entire organization, use StatPublish to create HTML output that can be viewed with any web browser. You can also automate the entire analysis and publishing process by creating a script that you can launch at a fixed time every day. 


If you repeat the same analyses frequently, then StatLink is for you. It allows you to: 

  • Link a STATGRAPHICS StatFolio to one or more data sources. When the StatFolio is loaded, the data sources are queried and all analyses are updated. 

  • Automatically poll the data sources at a predefined increment of time. Combined with StatPublish, you can set up STATGRAPHICS to automatically maintain output on a web server. 

Six Sigma Menu 


The Professional Edition of STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI is ideal for use in Six Sigma projects. The program includes: 

  • An optional Six Sigma menu that arranges the statistical procedures according to the DMAIC paradigm (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control).

  • A complete set of Six Sigma management tools, including cause-and-effect diagrams, QFD matrices, Pareto charts, and process maps.

  • Capability analysis for both variables and attributes.

  • Gage studies following the latest AIAG guidelines.

  • Design of Experiments and all of the other statistical modeling tools you need to improve the quality of your goods and services.