• Does STATGRAPHICS Centurion have the equivalent of a "BY" variable that allows you to repeat an analysis for each level of a selected factor?

    One of the features of the StatWizard is the ability to create analyses automatically for each level of a selected variable. Load your data into a datasheet and invoke the StatWizard by pressing the wizard's cap on the main  toolbar. On the first dialog box, choose "Select Analyses Based on Type of Data." Specify the variables to be analyzed on the second dialog box. On the third dialog box, select "Each Unique Value of" and enter the name of the "BY" variable. The desired analyses will be run at each level of that variable and placed into a separate window.

  • How do you transform data in STATGRAPHICS?

    The easiest way to transform data is "on-the-fly". On any data input dialog box, you can type an expression such as "LOG(column name)" where you would normally enter the name of a column.  This will transform your data for the current analysis without disturbing the datasheet. Alternatively, highlight an empty column in a datasheet and select "Generate Data" under "Edit" on the main menu. You can then enter the desired expression and have the transformed data placed in that column.