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Hearne Scientific Software Pty Ltd. (ABN 34 171 098 934)


Company Profile


For more than three decades Hearne Software has partnered with market leading developers to distribute and support their software products. We are a major distributor of technical software and experts in IBM SPSS Statistics software for which we are global distributors of Student Grad Packs and Academic Faculty Packs.

We provide training in the use of our major software titles and are adept in the areas of statistics, engineering, mathematics, econometrics, graphing & data analysis and risk management.

Our customers include academic, scientific and research institutions including many government departments, from High Schools through to scientific agencies. Our commercial customers range from publicly listed companies through to sole operators and partnerships.

We have years of expertise in managing and supporting University and organisational wide site licenses and are renown for our technical support and customer care, we now offer live support 24 hours on weekdays & extended hours on weekends.



Staff & Consultant Profiles



Barlow Telford

Managing Director

Formerly a litigation lawyer with a hospitality and business consulting background, Barlow has expertise in e-commerce strategy, sales & marketing and product development.


Keith Roberts

General Manager 

Keith has a degree in music and previously worked at BBC UK radio. He is experienced in web site usage systems and software analytics applications including 3 years with SPSS in the UK, before becoming General Manager of Hearne Software. Keith is an SPSS expert with over 30 years experience in sales and technical support.

Kaushik Bhaganagarapu, PhD

General Manager

Kaushik has a PhD in Neuroimaging from The University of Melbourne. As General Manger, he is responsible for driving business development, sales & service stategies and managing sales & support staff. He also provides training for Hearne's key Engineering, Mathematical and Statistical products with over 9 years of on-site training and support experience.


Winny Tjandinegara

Key Accounts - Sales & Support

Winny has an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Melbourne and is completing an Applied Statistics degree at Swinburne University. She has expertise in software licensing, sales and support.


Lavanya Kalsotra

Online Customer Service

Lavanya has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Adelaide. His experience in working with software programs in the Oil & Gas field and in-depth technical expertise give him a competitive edge in addressing real time on-line support and sale enquires.


Olivier Merle

Online Customer Service

Olivier is a business management and administration all-rounder with over 23 years of experience using administrative, manufacturing and inventory software technologies. Usually found where business management meets technology, Olivier has worked in many industries helping with solutions and meeting the requirements of a modern, evolving business and the workforce supporting it.


Jackie Knight

Marketing & Business Intelligence

Jackie has a bachelor degree in Media Studies from La Trobe University and is an experienced online advertising campaign manager and analyst with expertise in e-marketing and business metrics.







Chris Williams

Operations & Support Manager

An experienced online care team manager with expertise in online support, sales & marketing and product development. Chris provides support across dozens of software titles.

Penny King

Key Accounts & BDM

Penny has 25 years experience in software distribution and support including managing ERP implementations with technical consulting. Focusing on business development for the last 10 years her role spans a wide range of software products and services covering most industry verticals.


Yeni Tanuwidjaja

Chief Accountant

Yeni is a CPA with degree in Commerce from the University of Melbourne and Master of Business Systems from Monash University. Expertise in accounting, finance and business systems.


Nancy Peng

Accountant - Fulfillment Officer

Nancy is a CPA with a double degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Melbourne with a financial accounting background. Nancy manages the order fulfillment and accounting departments at Hearne Software.


Jo Telford


Jo has over 12 years business administration experience including as EA to IBM Business Consulting executives in both the UK and Australia.

Joan Furbish

Consultant - Accounting

Joan has 30 years experience as an accounting and finance consultant with expertise in business strategy having managed her own private accounting practise since 1995.

Wendy Chan

Consultant - Training

Wendy has 17 years’ hands-on experience with the SPSS suite of products.  She has been employed by both SPSS and IBM – and in particular, in those roles, Wendy has enjoyed transferring her knowledge of statistical methods and SPSS software through formal training courses and mentoring.  Wendy has experience working with corporate and government clients and her education delivery is always application-oriented and hands-on.