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ChemDraw will boost your productivity more than ever. Draw publication-quality structures and reactions, publish on the web, create precise database queries using specific atom and bond properties, display spectra, structures, and annotations on the same page, and more.

Chemical queries in ChemDraw and ChemFinder

See ChemDraw's query capabilities, using an example database which readers can download for use in ChemBioFinder.

ChemDraw Standard 14.0 Suite

This cost-effective chemical drawing solution includes all the tools needed to draw publication ready chemical structures and reactions.

ChemDraw Standard's features include:

  • Draw chemical structures.

  • Create drawings with different styles in different parts of the document.

  • Import graphics stored in GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP formats.

  • Adjust the perspective of ChemDraw molecules with simple horizontal/vertical mouse movements.

  • Element information available at all times with floating periodic table on the desktop.

  • Add sequential numbering indicators to atoms in a structure.

  • Draw a structure or model and immediately get online vendor information from ChemACX.Com with the click of a button.

  • Identify stereocenters using Cahn-Ingold Prelog rules. 


ChemDraw Query Features

Querying chemical databases is one of ChemDraw’s most powerful functionalities. This white paper details how to create ChemDraw query searches using special indicators to represent atom and bond types you want to find, and a variety of atom, bond and stereochemistry attributes you can apply to your searches.

Comparison of Editions and Suites

See all the features included in each edition

ChemDraw Pro 14.0 Suite

This premier application includes ChemDraw Pro 13.0 and the ChemDraw and Chem3D (Windows only) ActiveX Pro Controls & Plugins. In addition to creating publication ready drawings, chemists can save time and increase data accuracy by using ChemDraw Pro software to predict properties, calculate reaction stoichiometry, search databases and more.

ChemDraw Pro adds features such as chemical query properties, the ability to create and edit templates and nicknames, Relative Stereochemistry, ISIS/Draw Compatibility, Expansion of Generic Structures, TLC Plate Tool, the new Freehand Pen Tool, Fragmentation Tools, PolymerDraw, ChemProp, Structure Cleanup, calculation of Topological Polar Surface Area and the ability to read and write a wide variety of chemical file formats to ChemDraw Std.

In addition to the features offered by ChemDraw Standard, ChemDraw Pro allows you to:

  • Efficiently search chemical databases by specifying properties for atoms and bonds.

  • Generate multiple structures from an "abbreviated" generic structure.

  • Allows specification of relationships between groups of stereocenters smaller than an entire molecule.

  • Automatic display of atom labels on terminal carbon atoms.

  • Reading & writing of chemical file formats including spectra & reactions.

  • Three fragmentation tools: Mass, Dissociation, & Retrosynthesis.

  • New customisable and crescent-shaped spots available from TLC tool for reproduction of TLC plates for inclusion in ChemDraw Documents.

  • A ChemDraw palette of customisable common biochemistry symbols including membranes, cellular structures and more.

  • Compute physical properties such as LogP, BP, MP and more. 

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