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Forecast Pro is a leading standalone forecasting package which is designed to make your work easier, quicker and more accurate. It can be used in all situations, including forecasting sales, revenues, demand for service or any other important variable.

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Forecast Pro Unlimited 8

Forecast Pro Unlimited is designed for larger-scale forecasting jobs, collaborative forecasting, working with complex hierarchies, maintaining multiple forecast overrides, documenting your forecasting sessions and integrating with other systems. The all-new Forecast Pro Unlimited is a comprehensive state-of-the-art, flexible forecasting system that is extremely powerful yet surprisingly affordable. 


Add Judgment and Collaborate with Others

Forecast Pro Unlimited’s override facility allows you to adjust the statistical forecasts in a spreadsheet-like display or directly on a graph. You can type in new values, change by a percentage or increment/decrement the selection. A handy comment field and multiple override rows allow you to document your changes and collaborate with colleagues. Changes made at any level of the forecasting hierarchy will automatically reconcile all levels. The ability to save and recall your override files eliminates the need to re-key overrides as new data are added and statistical forecasts are revised.

Automate Your Forecasting

You can operate Forecast Pro Unlimited interactively or drive it from the command line. Command-line operation allows you to automate routine forecasting tasks and operate in a “hands-off” mode.

Document Your Work

Forecast Pro Unlimited provides numerous ways to document your work.

  • Forecast reports and graphs including forecasts, confidence limits, model details and diagnostics can be generated and printed from within the program.

  • Forecast output files can be saved to Excel and Lotus spreadsheets, ASCII (text) files or directly to your database via ODBC.

  • Item reports can capture any information found in the forecast report in a concise user-specified format—ideal for interfacing with other software systems.

  • Forecast document files allow you to save your current forecasting session and return to it later or share it with a colleague.

  • Forecast override files allow you to save any forecast overrides, along with supporting comments, and recall them in a future session.

Collaborate with Others Easily

Creating a final forecast is not always a one-person job—having colleagues review your forecasts and add their insight can often improve the forecasting process. Forecast Pro Unlimited Collaborator is designed to facilitate this collaborative process in a cost-effective fashion. Forecast Pro Unlimited Collaborator is a fully-integrated Forecast Pro Unlimited companion product that allows others to view your forecasts (including graphs and reports), add overrides and comments and save the results.

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Forecast Pro TRAC 4

The perfect solution for a broad range of business forecasting needs including demand forecasting, team forecasting or forecasting and reporting in support of your organisations S&OP process. 

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Forecast Pro XE 6.0

Forecast Pro XE is our most popular edition. In addition to time series methods, Forecast Pro XE offers promotional modeling, causal modeling, decomposition, the ability to define and reconcile hierarchies, and the ability to forecast up to 100 items at a time.

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What's New in v6

What's new in Forecast Pro version 6

Which Forecast Pro product is right for you?

Complete product brochure for the Forecast Pro products.

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