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ModelRisk is a comprehensive quantitative risk analysis tool designed to allow you to perform Monte Carlo simulations within your Excel spreadsheets.

A Compendium of Probability Distributions

This ebook provides a summary of distributions, where and why they are used, some representative plots and descriptive formulae.

ModelRisk 5.2

Model Risk Time Series

Adds 'objects' to ModelRisk Standard that greatly extend and simplify what you can model, as well as optimization and much more.

Unrestricted speed and model size
Monte Carlo simulation
Bounded, shifted distributions
Correlation of distributions
One-click function view
ModelRisk function search and format tool
Run macros before, during or after simulation
VBA and C++ calls to ModelRisk functions
Full graphical simulation reports
Full statistical reports
View simulation results statistics in spreadsheet
Export results
Save results in Results Viewer format
Sensitivity analysis
Scenario analysis
Conversion from other Monte Carlo add-ins
Full help file and example models
Informative error messages,

Time Series
Uniquely, ModelRisk has built-in tools for simulating time series, together with graphical interfaces and fitting to data to ensure you understand and select the right time series model. The custom time series tools also let you create your own expert-based forecasts.

ModelRisk incorporates the world's leading simulation optimizer from OptTek Systems. Targets, constraints, decision variables and requirements are all defined with ModelRisk functions within the Excel spreadsheet. A graphical interface reports the optimizer's progress and allows the user to insert optimal solutions back into the model with one mouse click.

As well as:

Fitting distributions to data
Fitting correlation structures to data
Fitting time series to data
Statistical fit results in spreadsheet
Data Viewer
Expert elicitation tools
Probability calculations
Working with ModelRisk objects
Markov chain tools
Combining expert estimates
Bootstrap tools
Calculation of distribution moments
Empirical copula to reproduce any correlation pattern
Stop Sum and Sum Product tools
Risk Event tool
Extreme Value tool

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