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IBM SPSS Faculty Packs can support you in the classroom with powerful analysis techniques.

- Essential tools for data analysis, data mining and survey and market research.
- Resources to support classroom learning to help you become skilled in analytics.
- Easy licensing that enables you to start using your new software right away.

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Statistics Premium Faculty Pack

SPSS Premium Statistics Software BoxFaculty Packs can only be sold as a single-user license that provides a cost-effective way for educators to integrate statistics, data mining, survey research, and quantitative methodology into their undergraduate or graduate course curricula. The user needs to prove they are an academic educator.

The SPSS Statistics Premium Edition Faculty Pack helps academics to easily accomplish tasks at every phase of the analytical process. It includes a broad array of fully integrated Statistics capabilities and related products for specialized analytical tasks across the enterprise. The software will improve productivity significantly and help achieve superior results for specific projects and business goals. Includes SPSS Statistics Premium, Amos, Sample Power and Visualization Designer.

The IBM SPSS Statistics Premium Edition Faculty Pack includes the following capabilities:

  • Linear models offer a variety of regression and advanced statistical procedures designed to fit the inherent characteristics of data describing complex relationships.

  • Nonlinear models provide the ability to apply more sophisticated models to data.

  • Simulation capabilities help analysts automatically model many possible outcomes when inputs are uncertain, improving risk analysis and decision making.

  • Customized tables enable users to easily understand their data and quickly summarize results in different styles for different audiences.

  • Data preparation streamlines the data preparation stage of the analytical process.

  • Data validity and missing values increase the chance of receiving statistically significant results.

  • Categorical and numeric data can be used to predict outcomes and reveal relationships graphically.

  • Decision trees make it easier to identify groups, discover relationships between groups and predict future events.

  • Forecasting features enable you to analyze historical data and predict trends faster.

  • Structural equation modeling tools let you build structural equation models with more accuracy than standard multivariate statistics models using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Bootstrapping makes it simple to test the stability and reliability of models so that they produce accurate, reliable results.

  • Advanced sampling assessment and testing helps make more statistically valid inferences by incorporating the sample design into survey analysis.

  • Direct marketing and product decision-making tools help marketers identify the right customers easily and improve campaign results.

  • High-end charts and graphs make it easy to create and share and interact with compelling visualizations results on a range of platforms and smart devices.

Modeler Faculty Pack

Uncover hidden patterns in structured data with SPSS Modeler Premium. It provides superior algorithms, data manipulation and automated modeling and preparation techniques to build predictive models that can help you deliver better research outcomes. SPSS Modeler Premium has advanced capabilities such as text analytics, entity analytics and social network analysis to help you unlock insights from almost any type of data

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