• SPSS Product Features & Benefits - Before you buy

    Which SPSS product should I buy?
    As a Griffith University student, you have access to discounted student licenses, administered by Hearne Software. SPSS Statistics Premium includes all the functions of SPSS Statistics. Amos (Structural Equation Modelling) is only used in some courses and should only be purchased if you’re advised that it is needed for your course.

    Is Amos available for Mac?
    Amos is only available for Windows 32-bit. Although it’s a 32-bit application, it can be installed on Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit operating systems. It cannot be installed on Mac.

    What are the system requirements for SPSS Statistics?
    Please refer to the following pdf downloads for the system requirements for SPSS Statistics:
    SPSS Statistics version 25 - Mac
    SPSS Statistics version 25 - Windows

    How many machines can I install SPSS on?
    A Student license includes 2 activations to be used on 2 separate machines (1 activation per machine) provided you are the only user. Once activated you cannot de-activate or transfer activations to another machine. Sharing a license code with a classmate or friend is strictly prohibited.

    I already have an expired SPSS Entitlement. How do I renew it?
    Griffith SPSS Student entitlements run for a fixed amount of time and expire on the 30 November each year. They cannot be renewed as such. If you are still a student and need access to SPSS again, you simply purchase a new one. If you buy the same version (eg version 25) you will not need to re-install the software - just run the License Authorization Wizard and use the new code.

  • Online Ordering & Student Verification

    Do I need a coupon code?
    Griffith student licenses are only for Griffith students and have special pricing already applied. There is no need to enter a coupon code. You MUST use your Griffith University student email address to order, eg s50xxxx2@griffithuni.edu.au or john.citizen5@griffithuni.edu.au

    Can I order using my personal (eg. Gmail) address?
    No, you MUST use your Griffith University student email address to order, eg s50xxxx2@griffithuni.edu.au or john.citizen5@griffithuni.edu.au

  • Downloading and installing SPSS

    I have placed a SPSS order, when will I receive the license codes/download links?
    Within 10 to 15 minutes after ordering, you can expect to receive an email from us with the download links for SPSS  and your authorization code. If you have not received anything, please check that the order was successfully placed and check your email account's spam/junk folders. Please contact us via live chat if you need any assistance.

    I have purchased a SPSS license, but I am directed to install a demo/trial version. Why is that?
    The SPSS installer is the same for both the temporary trial, and the full licensed version. If you have purchased a copy you will receive an authorization code (license code) which you can use to activate the features and time period you have paid for.

    How large is the SPSS download file? How long will it take to download?
    The size of the file depends on whether you are downloading the Windows or Mac version with the installer files ranging from 600-800MB.
    The time taken to download will depend on your internet speed, but should take around 10 minutes on cable/high speed DSL, and 30 minutes on slower broadband/3G connections.

    How do I install the SPSS program?
    Please refer to the following videos to guide you through the process of downloading and installing SPSS  Note that the instructions may refer to SPSS Grad Packs – the process is the same.
    Please see Windows installation video here 
    Please see Mac installation video here

    I have installed the SPSS  program, but the installer wants to load again
    Please see information here on locating the installed program on your computer.

    My Mac computer says "'SPSS_Statistics_Installer' is damaged and can't be opened. You should eject the disk image". What do I do?
    Please see information here about allowing the installer to run.

    When Installing SPSS on my windows machine I get a message saying "Error 1311"?
    Please see information here on how to fix the error.

    Where do I find the SPSS Programs that I have installed?
    By default (unless you override it in the installation) this is installed in Program Files\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\ - it is therefore available under windows-Start >All Programs > IBM > SPSS Statistics
    Mac OSX:
    By default (unless you override it in the installation) this is installed in Macintosh HD\Statistics\25. It is therefore available by opening Finder and choosing Applications > IBM.


  • Licensing and activation issues

    When licensing SPSS, I cannot enter my authorization code because the field is too small and can't be selected. What do I do?
    This is due to display settings on your computer. Please see the steps to resolve here.

    When I enter my authorization code, it says 'invalid license code'. What can I do?
    A valid SPSS authorization code is always 20 characters in length and only made up of any numbers 0-9 and any lowercase letters a-f. You should take care not to enter spaces or punctuation marks in the field. Please check carefully if you receive the message 'invalid license code'. If you typed the code in, try copying and pasting. If pasted, try typing. If you still have issues, contact us via live chat.

    When I start SPSS, I receive a licensing error (error code 2085 - symptom 37 / 2072 - symptom 4 / 7003 / 7001 / 2). What should I do?
    If you have a valid license code, you should complete these licensing steps. If you continue to have problems, please contact us via live chat. Please note if you have already completed a 14 day trial, you cannot extend it by re-installing the program. Please purchase a license by clicking the 'Buy' tab above.

    I already have SPSS installed, how do I update my license code?
    Please locate the SPSS License Authorization Wizard installed on your computer. Please run the wizard (Windows users should start it by right-clicking and choosing 'Run As Administrator') and complete the steps, entering your authorization code when prompted.

    When I start my SPSS, I receive the error "Attempt to connect to a remote server failed inet: local computer". What do I do?
    This could be an unsupported version of the Mac OSX operating system or another problem. Please see information here to fix this problem.

    When I start my SPSS program I receive the message “No licenses found for Product Name (i.e. 9001=SPSS Student Version 16.0”), even though I have run the License Authorization Wizard. What do I do?
    The license options file may have not installed properly. Please follow the instructions here to resolve the problem.

    When I license my SPSS product, I receive the message "Authorization failed. You are not authorized to generate any more licenses". How can I install it?
    You are permitted to activate SPSS twice during the license term. If you attempt to activate it for a third time without contacting us, the registration will fail. If you have exceptional circumstances requiring a third activation, please contact us to discuss. If you require it activated on more machines, you will need to buy a second license.

    How do I tell which modules of SPSS have been activated by my license?
    Run the license authorisation wizard to view the installed licenses and their expiry dates.

    Once installed where on my computer do I find the SPSS license authorization wizard?
    By default (unless you override it in the installation) this is installed in Program Files\IBM\SPSS|Statistics\ and is therefore available under Windows - Start > All Programs > IBM > SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard.
    Mac OSX:
    By default (unless you override it in the installation) this is installed in Macintosh HD\Statistics\25. It is therefore available by opening Finder and choosing Applications > IBM.

    How do I change the language settings in SPSS? 
    To change the language settings, open the program, then select the 'Edit' menu, then choose 'Options' > 'Language' tab.

    When I launch SPSS, I receive the message “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect
    To fix this, you need to run the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable libraries. Please see the instructions here.

    I can open SPSS on my Mac, but it is slow to start and/or there are menu options missing.
    If menu options on your Mac installation of SPSS Statistics disappear or become corrupted, or SPSS is slow to start, you may need to reset your SPSS Preferences. This applies to Mac only. To fix this, please see the instruction video here. The steps are also listed in the description under the video.